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 My son is on the autistic spectrum, ADHD,severe dyslexia,auditory processing disorder,and a severe learning disability.He attends a special needs school and has occupational, behavioral therapy twice a week. Let me just say we have no intention of stopping his therapy, But we have found something that has really helped even more.We started making videos with my son as a way to help him socialize. Really had no idea how much it would really help him. People around the country have been reaching out to us now. Saying how much they enjoy the videos and my son has inspired their children. We found something that works for us, and hope it might help some others. If not maybe inspire you to keep looking till you find something that will work for your child. My son just turned 12, but has a huge heart, and he really loves helping others.Please go and look at some of our videos. Please do me a favor and subscribe,follow, and share. We also do giveaway's and shout out videos for special needs children.We really hope that this may inspire more families, and you are not alone. We stand with you! Thanks Howell 


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Upcoming Events

We are happy to announce our Autism Awareness Fundraiser on April 6th in Macon, Ga. See our flyer in the  photo  gallery. It's going to be awesome so come join us!

What we do

Someone did something special for my son. It made a world of difference in my sons life. So we are trying to return the favor for other children. We travel the Country in search of Autistic and special needs children. We treat them like Rock Stars, and try to make a difference in their lives. If you would like for us to meet your child please contact us. 

The cool Jayden


This is what we do. We try to turn bad into something good. We can't take away the bad memories. We sure can try to make more great ones to replace the old ones. 

No Child is broken

Hope this helps someone

The awesome Hayden


Indianapolis Colts did something special for Hayden

Breighden Michael Howell

What a awesome little guy!

Mr Trevor

Coolest guy in Tennessee 

Mr Willie

This boy is a grill master

Gabe Martin

Coolest kid in Ohio

Mr Vinny

Awesome little guy

Miss Alesana

What a sweetheart

Charge Syndrome

Tanner and Theresa in Texas

TJ and Chris Stone

Two awesome boys from Texas!

Meet Zach the Coolest guy in VA.

What a Rock Star

Meet Eli

Coolest guy in Michigan 

Gas Monkey Garage

Richard Rawlings took time from filming to play

First Annual Special Needs Gator Camp

Hosted by the Klieberts (Swamp People) off of the History Channel

The Awesome Bryce

Check out one of the coolest guys in Indiana.

Triple J at gator camp 2017

Klieberts Alligator farm

Meeting Uncle Si and Mrs Kay

What a awesome Godly family!

Triple J Camps on his on

He loves the outdoors

Happy Mothers Day

The shot heard around the world !

Meet Julian the Coolest guy in NC.

What a Rock Star

Shout outs

Triple J gives shout outs for his special friends 

Meet Nik the coolest guy in Ohio

What a Rock Star

Local boy locked up

Autism spectrum disorder

Autism awareness

High functioning autism

Special needs awareness 

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